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Our Doors

Welcome to our premier selection of wood doors, where elegance meets durability, and craftsmanship meets value. Our commitment to providing high-quality, sustainable wood doors ensures that every patron finds a door that not only meets their aesthetic and functional needs but also supports eco-friendly practices. Dive into our collection and let the natural beauty of wood transform your space.

example of an exterior wood door
Exterior Doors
interior wood door with contemporary design
Interior Doors
Premium Quality doors

We Are Open To Partnership

Bogowonto offers high-quality engineered wooden doors at the best prices. We are seeking long-term partnerships with suppliers worldwide. Get in touch for a FREE quote!



People Say About Us

Clients' Testimonials

Warrington granted us Certifire for our FR30 doors for use in the UK
Sucofindo granted us certifications for our FR30 and FR60 doors for use in local projects in Indonesia
PUPR granted us certifications for our fire rated doors for use in Indonesia
TKDN granted us certification to show that our products are locally made and sourced in Indonesia